Fei Xiaoxu


mailbox 203,

Natural Language Processing Lab,

Institute of Computer Software & Theory
School of Information Science & Engineering

Northeastern University,

No.11, Lane 3, WenHua Road, HePing District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China 110819






I am a senior undergraduate student of Northeastern University. Now I am studying in Natural Language Processing Laboratory of NEU under Professor Jingbo Zhu, who will my advisor next September.

Now I'm working hard on Opinion Mining with Professor Jingbo Zhu and Teacher Huizhen Wang. In October 2009, our group attended the Second Chinese Opinion Analysis Evaluation(COAE2009). Our system worked not bad in Task4.


About Me

I am a girl, which I'm sure you can figure out from the photo above. I come from Shenyang, a city located in the northeast of China, capital of Liaoning Province. I love languages, and that's exactly why I chose this place to study and work. Because of this choice, I fell in love with what I've been working on and everyone here. Our lab is a big family, where each member of it is so nice and tries to make our family better.

I'm crazy about classical movies. And I hate sports.



So far, zero. But not always be, I'm sure.