Qiang Li (李 强)

E-mail liqiangneu@gmail.com
Address 132#, Natural Language Processing Lab
Institute of Computer Software & Theory
School of Information Science & Engineering
Northeastern University, Shenyang, 110819,
P. R. China
Mobile +86-177-1017-0907
Phone & Fax +86-24-8367-2481

Curriculum Vitae

Here is my CV

Brief Biography

I am a doctoral candidate in Computer Science at Northeastern University (NEU). I am also a member of Natural Language Processing Lab at NEU, studying under my supervisor Prof. Jingbo Zhu.

In September 2010 I joined NLP lab of NEU. And now I am researching in Machine Translation.

I grew up in Liaoning province, China, And I like badminton and swimming.


(i) Northeastern University 09/2013 - Present

Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science

Advisor: Prof. Jingbo Zhu (http://www.nlplab.com/members/zhujingbo.html)

(ii) Northeastern University 09/2011 - 07/2013

M.S. in Computer Science

Supervisor: Prof. Jingbo Zhu

(iii) Northeastern University 09/2007 - 07/2011

B.S. in Computer Science


Qiang Li, Yanlong He, Shuang Luan, Tong Xiao and Jingbo Zhu. 2014. Research on Word Deletion Issue in Statistical Machine Translation. Journal of Chinese Information Processing. (in Chinese) [PDF]

Jingbo Zhu, Qiang Li and Tong Xiao. 2013. Improving Syntactic Rule Extraction through Deleting Spurious Links with Translation Span Alignment. Natural Language Engineering. (in press) [PDF]

Qiang Li, Kunjie Sun, Zhuo Liu, Tong Xiao and Jingbo Zhu. 2013. Technical Analysis of NiuTrans Open Source Statistical Machine Translation System. In Proc. of CWMT 2013, Kunming, China. (in Chinese) [PDF] [SLIDES]

Tong Xiao, Hao Zhang, Qiang Li and Jingbo Zhu. 2012. NiuTrans:An Open Source Machine Translation System. Programmer 2012(8). (in Chinese) [PDF]

Qiang Li, Yongbai Gao, Tong Xiao, Haozhang and Jingbo Zhu. 2012. Learning Compact Translation Model by Composing-Based Phrase Extraction. In Proc. of YCCL 2012. Luoyang, China. (in Chinese) [PDF] [SLIDES] [CODE] [USAGE]

Tong Xiao, Jingbo Zhu, Hao Zhang and Qiang Li. 2012. NiuTrans: An Open Source Toolkit for Phrase-based and Syntax-based Machine Translation. In Proc. of ACL 2012 System Demonstrations. [PDF]


NTCIR-9 Chinese-English patent MT track - 2nd place (human evaluation)
Tong Xiao, Qiang Li, Qi Lu, Hao Zhang, Haibo Ding, Shujie Yao, Xiaoming Xu, Xiaoxu Fei, Jingbo Zhu, Feiliang Ren and Huizhen Wang. 2011. The NiuTrans Machine Translation System for NTCIR-9. In Proc. of NTCIR-9Workshop Meeting. [PDF]

CWMT2011 English-Chinese and Chinese-English news tracks - 1st place and 4th place (BLEU)
Tong Xiao, Hao Zhang, Qiang Li, Qi Lu, Jingbo Zhu, Feiliang Ren and Huizhen Wang. 2011. The NiuTrans Machine Translation System for CWMT2011. In Proc. of The 6th China workshop on Machine Translation (CWMT). [PDF]

Project Experience

1 Core Developer 07/2011 - Present

NiuTrans Open Source Project

Homepage: http://www.nlplab.com/NiuPlan/NiuTrans.html

2 Principal Investigator 11/2013 - Present

Korean/Chinese Machine Translation System

Homepage: http://www.niutrans.com:8080/mhtrans/

3 Principal Investigator 09/2013 - 09/2014

NiuTrans Server Toolkit

Homepage: http://www.zjyatuo.com/plus/list.php?tid=5


NiuTrans: NiuTrans is an open-source statistical machine translation system. NiuTrans supports the state-of-the-art models in statistical machine translation, including the phrase-based model, the hierarchical phrase-based model, and various syntax-based models (tree-to-string/string-to-tree/tree-to-tree). Many useful features can be found in NiuTrans. Check it out!

NiuTrans Cloud: NiuTrans Cloud is an online machine translation system, developed by NiuTrans Team which has 30+ years' R&D experience in MT theories and systems. NiuTrans Cloud is trained with a large-size bilingual corpus, integrating all the mainstream MT technologies. Presently its translation (Chinese/English) performance is comparable to any top MT system publicly available. NiuTrans Cloud can be a host platform for any app developments. Presently NiuTrans API is opened for free with unlimited access, supporting various systems (Windows, Linux, Android and iOS).


Computer Application and Programming:

(i) Using Linux/Windows OS proficiently
(ii) Programming with C/C++/Java/C# languages
(iii) Shell/Perl scripts in Linux
(iv) LATEX

Personal Information

(i) Citizen of the P.R. China.
(ii) Born Sept. 1988, Liaoning, China.
(iii) Joined NLP lab of Northeastern University in September 2010.
(iv) Hobbies are swimming and badminton.